Learning Hub Services

The goal of the P-3 Learning Hub is to support communities in their efforts to improve young children’s learning and development. David Jacobson and his colleagues at the Education Development Center conduct research on P-3 initiatives and provide technical assistance to communities, school districts, and state departments of education. Services include:

  • Assessing assets and needs (e.g., home visiting, literacy programming, and preschool quality)
  • Strategic planning
  • Partnership design and facilitation
  • Formative implementation research and documentation

This blog tracks, profiles, and analyzes P-3 initiatives with the aim of promoting learning, exchange, and knowledge-building across communities.20140306 Birth to Grade 3 Venn_1358x1291

Building Capacity and Knowledge Across Communities.  An underlying premise of the hub is that the more P-3 leaders know about the work of other communities, the better able they will be to design and implement effective strategies. Recent work on education reform in high-performing countries and regions emphasizes the importance of building capacity across communities, capacity built by developing knowledge, relationships, networks, and regional collective commitment. Through case studies, analysis, guidance documents, tools, videos, and collaboration with technical assistance providers, the Learning Hub promotes sharing of promising practices and collaborative problem-solving directed towards common problems.

Real-Time Action Research. In recent years both the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Aspen Institute have released concept papers based on years of research on community change and innovation at scale—innovation at the community-level. These papers–Networked Improvement Communities and Building Knowledge About Community Change–call for action research in service to community change that is applied, timely, informed by practitioner perspectives, and formative in nature. Consistent with the messages of these reports, the Learning Hub aims to synthesize findings across P-3 partnerships and provide analysis–informed by the research literature–of common trends, patterns, challenges, and innovations. See this page for a theory of action for P-3 Partnerships.

Contact David Jacobson at djacobson@edc.org for more information.

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